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Winter Ghouls (LMoP Session 12)

Game: Lost Mines of Phandelver
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5E
Adventure: Lost Mines of Phandelver
Session: 14
Players: 6
Gameplay Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 5.5 hours

Game Recap

After a brief discussion and food, the players picked up their game in Agatha’s hut, hoping to learn about what happened to Bowgentle’s spellbook.

Confronting Agatha

My players confronted Agatha the banshee in her home, successfully persuading her to answer a question with flattery and a gift. My guest player also received information from her in private, seeding a bigger story and putting him on the same path to the Black Spider as the main players, effectively inviting the player into the group as a fulltime member.

The party then reconvened outside Agatha’s home and the guest player revealed some of what he was told and in character everyone decided that their paths continued the same way for now and that they should continue to travel and work together.

A Different Conyberry

Exiting Neverwinter Wood and into the ruined town of Conyberry, they discovered it was night time and snowing, though their internal timekeeping told them it should only be late afternoon and summertime. They agreed that this was super creepy and weird, and worried they lost time in Agatha’s hut, they agreed to get the hell out and head back to Phandalin with their information.

Unaware that the town of Conyberry, once displaced by Toril’s sister planet Abeir, has continued to phase inbetween the two worlds, the party makes a break for the Triboard Trail.

Great, Ghouls

They didn’t have too much time to think about what was going on in Conyberry, because as they made their exit 6 ghouls shambled out from the ruins and attacked. Rolling high in initiative and using dash as their action, they closed ground pretty quickly and swarmed the party. The group held their ground well, only one of the ghouls managing to get their paralytic effect to take hold. Shaena, the group’s rogue, came dangerously close to 0 HP, but the party managed to defeat the ghouls before she went down.

After the fight finished and the cleric healed everyone with a Prayer of Healing, they quickly made their exit. Crossing the bridge, the afternoon sun suddenly returned amd the snow disappeared. Looking back, the town of Conyberry had also returned to normal, the snow and night gone. Still confused, they left quickly, forgetting to take a short rest.

Orcs Ahead

As they returned west on the Triboar trail, they returned to a fork in the road to find Orc bandits waiting there. Neither party was surprised, but seemed to notice each other at the same time. The session ended with everyone paused, looking at each other to see how the next bit of events would unfold.

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