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Month: September 2016

Aether Sea Ship

An Aether Sea Campaign – It’s Only an Elven Moon (Part 1)

Game: Aether Sea (FAE)
Adventure: It’s Only an Elven Moon
Session: Zero
Players: 4
Gameplay Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 5.5 hours

I recently decided to take up GMing again and what better way is there than to introduce four D&D players to an entirely new system and setting? My friends had never played a game based on the Fate system before and I have been pushing to get them to try it for a long time. The game I chose to shepherd their entrance to the system? Aether Sea. This game is far and away my favorite Fate setting. I sold the players on the setting with, “It’s Firefly meets steampunk Lord of the Rings.” Like the merry band of nerds my friends are, they could hardly resist.

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Fate Materials from Fate Core book

Fate Materials

Materials and Setup

Here is a list of fate materials I use in my Fate games. Some of the handouts and printed sheets I made, some I found, some I stole. If you see something I “borrowed” from you and didn’t get credit for, just reach out and I’ll make sure to do so.

Game Materials

Fate Accelerated Edition Printout

I printed out about six copies of the FAE rulebook, folded, and center stapled them so each player would have it to reference. The Core rulebook is a little large to print out and center staple, and I have a hard copy, so I didn’t bother.

Character Sheet

I re-created the Core and FAE character sheet in illustrator to use as a template for any other character sheets I wanted to custom make for the game.

Core Character Template (.ai) (.pdf) (.png preview)
FAE Character Template (.ai) (.pdf) (.png preview)

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